Gabriel von Max


Entsagung (Renunciation)

oil on panel, after 1900


Gabriel von Max

Entsagung (Renunciation, or perhaps Temperance)

     (monkey holding an object, possibly a box or tin, or a flask, or a book)

circa 1901-1915


oil on wood panel

25,9 x 20,0 cm (10 3/16 x 7 5/16 in.)


signed lower right: G. v. Max

inscribed upper left: Entsagung [Renunciation]

Exhibition History:

2011     "Gabriel von Max: Be-tailed Cousins and Phantasms of the Soul," Frye Art Museum, Seattle, July 9-Oct. 30, 2011

Publication History:

Aleš Filip and Roman Musil, eds., Gabriel von Max (1840-1915) (Prague: Arbor vitae, 2011), ill. 75, pg. 58.

Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, ed., Gabriel von Max (Seattle: Frye Art Museum, 2011), ill. 40, pg. 52.

Alain Jaubert, director, La Beauté Animale [The Animal Beauty], documentary film (Ivry sur Seine: Les Poissons Volants, 2012).

The object that this monkey is holding is somewhat of a mystery.  Gabriel von Max entitled the painting rather obscurely as Entsagung [Renunciation, or perhaps Temperance].  The auction house which sold the painting to The Daulton Collection entitled it descriptively as Kleiner Affe mit Büchse [Small Monkey with Box].  The object may in fact be a box or tin, a flask or canteen, a book (perhaps a prayer book), or something entirely different.


The Daulton Collection